Surface Cleaning

Your blackened driveway is not the first thing you would want yourself or your guests to observe. It will give an immediate impression that your house is unclean, and of course, you wouldn’t want that. Or maybe you are hosting a party in your lake house, but you just can’t seem to get rid of the dirt and grime on your wooden deck beside the lake. Whether it is wooden or concrete, we can wash off any dirt, grime, or blackened spots for you, making your floor shine as it was built the first day.  We at GoServices are here to clean up your driveway, deck, or dock with care, professionalism and expertise. 

Concrete Power Washing

Power washing is a technique in which we use special machines designed to provide high water pressure to clean up any strong surface such as concrete or wood. The pressure provides enough power to get rid of years of mud, filth, or smut efficiently. 

Your concrete driveway is something that you may wash regularly, but it can still absorb so much dust and filth from the wheels of your car that even regular washing may not be enough to cleanse it. This is where our special power washing comes in. We can clean any residual dirt or spots and return your driveway to its former sparkle and glory. 

Sometimes simple water is not enough to properly clean these surfaces. In that case, we have to use chemical products to scrub it clean thoroughly. However, if you hire an untrained guy to do the job, he may use toxic chemicals that might destroy your property even further and might give a strange unhygienic odor that would render your driveway unbearable to stand in. This is why choosing the right professionals to handle this task is extremely important. 

Furthermore, concrete can absorb water and other contaminants, creating crevices and cracks in the concrete after expanding. This is how the cracks you see in your driveway come about. Our special Siloxane sealer works wonders if applied at the right time. So before the winter comes, you should apply the sealer to keep the contaminants at bay.

Wooden Dock and Deck

This requires a certain finesse and a delicate touch. Wood is not a hard material, and it is susceptible to rot and mold. This is why cleaning the wooden floors must be handled by professionals who know what they are doing.

First, the extent of the dirt must be inspected. Is the wood only blackened? Or maybe it has mold and rots as well due to constant exposure to the elements? It may even have bird waste splattered all around. Each type of dirt must be handled separately. A blackened area can simply be washed using certain power washing techniques. Mold and rot must be handled with the use of special chemical products that do not damage your floor further. Bird wastage needs to be cleaned in such a way that no lingering odor remains, and the atmosphere is healthy, safe, and sanitary.

Why Us

We are a cleaning service based in Volusia County, Florida, and our specialty is residential and commercial buildings that have been around for 30 years or so. Such buildings have soaked up 30 years’ worth of dirt and filth and can only return to their former glory after an intense and thorough cleaning session. 

Our team specializes in driveways and dock cleaning. We have special chemical products that are eco-friendly and safe for use in areas with habitation. 

We use the latest techniques and equipment to make sure our customers receive the best possible services and are 100% satisfied with our work.