Pressure Washing Vs Soft Washing

Pressure Washing

Clean surroundings are very important for a healthier lifestyle. That includes your driveways, stone walls, and concrete structures around you, things that are difficult to clean. They take years of dirt, smoke, and pollution, and regular methods are not enough to clean them. Such infrastructure needs a professional touch and proven high-tier techniques such as pressure washing or power cleaning to cleanse them.

You can manage this task by renting out high-pressure washing machines, but there is a huge drawback; these machines are extremely dangerous to handle for the untrained hand. High water pressure in those machines is enough to cut a finger within a second, which is why it is strongly recommended that these machines are only handled by trained and experienced professionals. 

You might also have heard terms such as pressure washing, power washing, or soft washing, and you may be confused about which one you specifically need. Don’t worry; leave it to us to handle all these difficult choices while you can sit back and relax. We understand the complexity involved and excel at matching the quality standards of the market to achieve desired results. 

Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing

These are some frequently used terms in this business, and for the layman, it might be difficult to distinguish between these three processes. Let us clarify what these processes are and when do you need each of them. 

Pressure washing is done with machines that use very high water pressure to clean strong material such as stones and concrete. Stone pathways, concrete floors such as courtyards, patios, and pavements, and driveways and parking lots are a few examples of places that can require high-pressure washing. 

Power washing is when you use pressure washing but with an additional touch; the water used is very hot. Hot water is extremely beneficial for the maximum removal of unsanitary materials and can break down organic substances more easily. 

Both pressure washing and power washing are highly efficient means of washing, but they are dangerous for amateurs to handle because of the high pressure and temperature of the water. This is where soft washing, or as it is also known as soft cleaning, comes in. 

Soft washing is more of a rinsing and cleaning operation and involves the use of lower water pressure than 500 PSI ( pressure per square inch). It uses certain chemicals and cleaning materials to get rid of organic waste and is safer than other techniques. 

The question is, which do you need? This simply depends on the surface you need to clean. If stone and concrete or other strong material are involved, go with power or pressure cleaning. But if plants, wood, or a similar weaker medium is to be cleaned, then go for soft cleaning.  

Commercial and Residential

Our facilities encompass both commercial and residential infrastructure, and our professionals can handle any buildings and structures with expertise. Our experiences include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pavements and driveways, which undergo constant exposure to dirt, smoke, and other waste. 
  • Stone walls or concrete floors that have years of embedded dirt and grime.
  • Parking lots in marts, gas stations, restaurants, etc., which are frequented by everything living in the underbellies of cars.
  • Patios, courtyards, stone walkways, and outdoor staircases remain exposed to the elements for years. 
  • Rooftops and concrete walls that have sacrificed themselves to protect you from the filth. 

All these structures require a helping of professional cleaning, and we at Genesis are happy to oblige. We are just a phone call away. 


Our Services

We provide power cleaning and pressure cleaning for all buildings, including roof cleaning and roof washing. We can handle any material; concrete, wood, plastic, ceramics. We provide our services to commercial buildings such as offices, marketplaces, community infrastructure, and residential homes and areas. 

However, one thing we pay extra attention to is plant and property protection. Our main focus is low-pressure cleaning or soft washing, and we take special care to protect the surrounding infrastructure. Since soft cleaning involves the use of chemicals, we use substances that are not harmful to the environment. We understand that chemicals can pose a threat to your walls, floor, woodwork, or any plastic involved and can even destroy all flora in the vicinity. This is why we take special care when working in similar surroundings. 

We take pride in the fact that many commercial and residential owners are our regular and happy customers. Our target is always long-term commitment, and we provide quality services to match this claim. 

Call us Today

We offer free quotation and consultation, so dont hesitate to contact us with your queries. To top it off, we can provide a free sample demonstration of a spot at your own location so that you can judge our expertise firsthand. 

If you have several tasks lined up, then we can offer you a pretty decent discount. We can create a custom proposal involving all the relevant tasks and provide you with an overall discounted price. 

If you are from a community association and would like to look for a more long-term project, we can offer our services based on specific time periods at discounted rates. We will provide services to your area for the next couple of years and charge a cheaper cost. Bulk tasks assignment such as this will ensure our long-term commitment and discounted price tags for the duration of the commitment period.