Exterior Soft Washing (House Wash)

Florida is primarily a humid area, and the humidity promotes the spread of organic growth like Algae, Moss, Mold, and Lichen. This organic growth is easy to remove if it’s on the pavement by the use of high-pressure jets. But these jets cannot be used on your house as they’ll chip away the materials on the exterior and may cause more harm than good. For all house exterior needs, exterior soft washing is the best solution.

Soft Washing techniques will leave your house exterior spotlessly clean and free from all kinds of organic growth. Genesis’s professional teams are highly skilled and trained to treat all kinds of surfaces. Cleaning is not a one size fits all job and requires careful evaluation of the property so that the most appropriate detergents and chemicals can be used.

Trust Genesis’s professionals to treat your home with the best exterior soft washing. The exterior soft washing kills the hidden roots of organic growth. You won’t have to worry about fungi, algae, or molds after our technicians are done cleaning your house.

Never go for a high-pressure jet as it can adversely affect the façade of the house and may chip off expensive paint.The damage can be even more grave if Vinyl, Dryvit, Wood, Plank Board,or Stucco form part of the elevation. 

How does Exterior Soft Washing work?

Soft Washing is not a name for manual scrubbing. Soft washing involves the use of water jets with pressure under 600 PSI (the equivalent to garden hose pressure) so that the organic growth and microbes are effectively removed, but no damage is caused to the exterior materials on your house.

Genesis’s team uses the most advanced equipment and detergents to treat your house with the care it deserves. Our skilled technicians will use different techniques at different spots across your house so that every surface is equally clean and organic growth-free.

Exterior soft washing will effectively restore your roof, side panels, soffits, and fascia boards, be they wood or any other material. Our professionals make sure that the quality of your paint on the exterior or the structural integrity of the house is not affected by any of the cleaning activities.

Trust Genesis to restore your property to its former glory. Our teams are focused on providing you with the best solutions in the most effective manner. The pressure used is optimal for cleaning, and the detergents used will always be friendly to the surface they are applied to.

Is Exterior Soft Washing Safe for all Surfaces?

The name is self-explanatory; exterior soft washing is just meant for the exterior and not for the interior. There is a catch too; it isn’t the best solution even for all the exterior materials.

Not all stains and marks can be treated with it; some require a stronger detergent and a high-pressure jet. Some, on the other hand, won’t be able to handle the same. Wood, for instance, will be spoiled with a soft washing jet. Moreover, there is a strong likelihood that the stains will need specialized chemicals for removal.

Our professionals are well versed in cleaning all kinds of surfaces with ease. Call Genesis now to treat your house with the care it deserves. Our professional teams will restore your property in no time as you sit back and relax with peace of mind.