DIY Tips for Pressure Washing

Are you looking for the best DIY tips for pressure washing your house? If so, this article would help you by sharing the most effective pressure washing tips with you. While washing your house from its exterior, make sure to choose soft wash instead of using high-pressure . The main reason for it is that the hard wash may ruin your exterior and end up making your house look ugly. For example, it may peel off the paint from many locations and may ruin the delicate flowering plants outside your home. 

In contrast, choosing soft wash for your house doesn’t only deep clean your walls and exterior while also protect your outdoor plants from damage. It also doesn’t damage the paint on the outside walls but also protects your outdoor accessories from damages. Thus, the use of soft wash is the safest thing for a house. If you are planning to it, let’s look into the following important tips first. 

Top trending tips for House Washing

For soft washing a house, here are some of the top trending tips that you must follow for amazing results. 

  • To soft wash, your house, make sure to first get all the required tools to complete this job.
  • Buy a good detergent to properly clean your house from the stubborn spots on outside walls, rooftop, deck, shading, and stairs, etc.
  • It is crucial to repair the damaged areas first before you start the washing procedure. For example, if there is a crack in a wall or wood, you should fix it first. This is important to stop water from going inside from this breakage line. Otherwise, the water would go inside and may give rise to unhealthy microbial growth to impact the health of your family. 
  • Pay close attention to the power lines or electricity lines if they are near your house walls. Also, if there are switches or electricity sockets in your house, you have to avoid water contact with them, A good stucco tape around the outlet will work great for temporarily waterproofing it. 
  • Take off all the decorations and hanging accessories before you start soft washing your house. Additionally, you should also take off the delicate small plantings from your exterior so that they couldn’t damage. 
  • Never start washing your house if it is a highly windy or rainy day. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the desired results from pressure washing your house. 
  • Furthermore, it is also essential to trim all the long bushes and spikes that are touching your house walls before you start washing.
  • Last but not least, always soft wash a house in the top-down approach. For this, you would have to start washing it from the top side of your home and then gradually comes to the bottom side. Not following a direction or choosing a down-top method would ruin the results. 

Benefits of choosing a soft wash

Here are the following incredible benefits of choosing the soft wash for your house. 

  1. Damage-free process

The topmost benefit of choosing soft wash is that it is a damage-free process for houses. Even if you go through it every month, it won’t do any damage to your house’s exterior but make it look beautiful and tidy. 

  1. Clean house

When you choose soft wash for your house, it takes away all the dirt from your house. As a result, your house gets clean and clear from pollution. 

  1. Improved hygiene

When you don’t wash your house for a long time, harmful bacteria, fungus, and other microbes start to grow on your exterior. For example, you may see a green or greyish color fungus on your rooftop. 

  1. Cost-effective

Another important benefit of choosing soft wash is that it is a low-cost process. It can be done with a $10 pump sprayer and a garden house.

  1. Water conservation

Finally, Soft Washing will save water . Unlike high-pressure house washing, soft washing consumes 1/4 of water but properly cleans the house. 

Final verdict!

Pressure washing a house is an excellent way to keep your house clean, clear, and free of unhealthy microbial growth. To do so, make sure to follow the above-discussed tips to safely do this job without any damages to your home. However, it is a good choice to choose a professional for this job instead of doing it yourself. This is because choosing a soft-wash professional would perfectly wash your house in a stress-free and time-saving mode without any damages to your exterior.